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Halloween Day Sale

Get ready for a spooktacular streaming experience this Halloween with Monster Service's Halloween Day Special! Our exclusive Halloween sale brings you chilling discounts on subscriptions that will send shivers down your entertainment spine.

Get 15% Off on Subscriptions!

Use code SPOOKY at checkout.

Boo! It's time for an treat this Halloween. From October 27st to October 31st, use the code SPOOKY during checkout to enjoy a chilling 15% discount on all Monster Service subscriptions. Whether you prefer horror marathons or family-friendly spooks, make your Halloween night a streaming delight.

Why Choose Monster Service This Halloween?

Monster Service is your haunted haven for top-notch entertainment. Here's why our subscribers keep coming back for more:

Don't miss out on this Halloween treat. Subscribe now and use code SPOOKY to unlock the discount. Make your Halloween a streaming sensation with Monster Service!